We are very excited to announce that we started a new mentorship program we have been working on. Starting this spring of 2018, we began a chapter wide mentor program where we match interested underclassmen mentees with skilled upperclassmen, graduate students, and alumni mentors.

In order to make maximum use of SPE International resources, we have blended our USC SPE mentorship model with the SPE International eMentoring program. The eMentoring program gives our fellow trojans, both alumni and upperclassmen, the unique opportunity to serve as mentors to students; a way to contribute to the USC Chapter by sharing industry insights and practical career advice, or by helping underclassmen with academic and career direction. Here are some easy steps how to expand your involvement with SPE and join us whether as mentor or a mentee:

  1. Click HERE to enroll in the SPEI eMentoring program!
  2. Fill out the application at this LINK, to be added to our Mentorship Panel.

It is easy to communicate via email, Skype, LinkedIn or other social media. Yet, USC SPE will organize Mentorship Nights starting this upcoming fall of 2018, based on mentors/mentees availability. In doing so, we hope to foster mutually beneficial relationships between students and strengthen the communication within our chapter. The goal of the program will be to help students grow academically, personally, and professionally while allowing the mentors to brush up on their soft skills. 

The program will be very much what you choose to make of it, so there is a high degree of flexibility. We really encourage all students to join regardless of goals or experience levels. 

For university students, please note that we recommend mentors be a junior, senior, masters, or PhD student. Mentees will be in their third year or lower. In the end, USC alumni and industry professionals can be mentors to anyone, including graduate students.